Sự tương phản giữa không khí tấp nập của đường phố Sài Gòn và không gian của khách sạn Nola là như một lời nhắc nhở về sự cân bằng cần thiết trong cuộc sống đô thị. Đây là nơi bạn có thể tạm ẩn mình khỏi sự ồn ào của thế giới bên ngoài để tìm lại sự bình yên và tĩnh lặng.

Category: Hospitality, Hotel
Scope of work: Logo & Visual Identity Design
Location: Vietnam
Published 2024

The design solution for the changes mentioned above is a delicate blend of minimalist, modern design with a hint of Japanese influence. NOLA has created a space that uses minimal details and decorations, focusing on sophistication and simplicity to establish a modern and elegant ambiance.

This design direction also incorporates traditional elements of Japanese design, such as the use of natural wood, open space arrangements, and natural light to create a sense of serenity and harmony. All of these changes have resulted in an intriguing space that combines modernity with the sophistication of Japanese style.

Design Concept / The contrast of life.

Outside, the streets of Saigon are often bustling with the vibrant urban life, filled with the sounds of vehicles and people, along with the powerful energy of a rapidly developing city.

However, as you step into Nola, you will experience an entirely different space. Here, Nola creates a tranquil and peaceful oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the city. With minimalist design, using soft, neutral color palettes, and meticulous attention to detail, this place offers comfort and serenity to travelers. The space is designed to evoke a gentle and pure feeling, where you can relax and enjoy privacy.

The contrast between the bustling atmosphere of Saigon's streets and the space at Nola serves as a reminder of the necessary balance in urban life. This is where you can temporarily escape from the noise of the outside world to rediscover peace and tranquility.


Client: Nola Hotel, Creative Studio: InSpace